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Our Resource Augmentation services include all labor stratifications and are focused on Oracle databases, E-Business products, as well as other Oracle related products. Trevera’s Resource Augmentation redefines the augmentation process, as our proprietary approach involves true and qualified Oracle experts in every stage of the process. From working with our customers to most accurately and efficiently specify the job requirements, to qualifying resource expertise and customer organizational fit, to monitoring and reviewing resource performance throughout the services, Trevera’s Resource Augmentation services are anything but common. When this is coupled with Trevera’s drive to lower your TCO, you receive not only a resource that will bring true and commensurate results, but also results at a much lower cost overall than other organizations.

Trevera’s founders have provided resource augmentation services in the Oracle industry since the mid-1990s, growing the valuable asset of a strong network of reliable Oracle resources. Trevera prides itself in exploiting its Oracle capabilities to effectively retaining the right resources, with the right skill sets, according to the right set of requirements. Trevera’s experience innately brings these all together so you avoid the perfect storm, and get a perfect transaction.


One of the key components to sourcing a high quality resource is the quality of the specification or requirement definition. Who’s putting together and validating your requirements? Usually it’s a resource with little or no experience in providing that type of service. Many service problems occur from a bad specification, even when performed by a qualified resource. At Trevera, we put as much effort into understanding and fleshing out your requirements as sourcing the labor for your requirement. We use industry experts and proven resources to ensure that we use a complete, accurate, and reliable depiction of what you need, so we can not only deliver to your expectations, but also exceed them.


When you use an augmentation organization, you put your trust in that organization to provide you with a resource that can support or exceed your expectations. However, the reality of supporting complex system tasks is that it can be very difficult for you to understand just how good (or bad) a resource really is. This can (and usually does) lead to numerous mistakes, compromised system stability, and added costs that worsen over time, which occurs usually without much of your knowledge. On top of this, most augmentation organizations use recruiters or sales personnel to make critical quality assessments and approve your resources. At Trevera, we qualify each resource with a tried and true expert from the field. When you use Trevera’s augmentation services, you can rest with the assurance that your resource will be qualified, fit the role, and provide you with the quality of service you deserve.

Network and Acumen

Trevera’s resource network and acumen is built on decades of experience in the systems integration and Oracle industry. We know how to work with you to understand your needs in a more efficient and effective manner. Trevera leverages its vast network and experience to not only ensure assignments and resources are properly specified and qualified, but also that there is a proven track record that underlies your services and resource. Trevera compliments these differentiators with an account and engagement management foundation that is unparalleled and brings Trevera and your organization into a truly intimate and reliable business relationship.



Our Resource Augmentation services include all labor stratifications and are focused on Oracle databases, E-Business Suite products, as well as other related products.

Our Resource Augmentation services include the following:

  • Oracle E-Business Suite, including 11, 11i, R12.x
    • Functional Solutions Architecture, Design, Training and Support
    • Technical Solutions Architecture, Design, Training and Support
  • Oracle Project Planning, Execution, and Governance
    • Project Planning
    • Project Management
    • Project Governance (PMO, Steering, Quality Assurance)
    • Project Administration
  • Oracle Databases, including 10g, 11g
    • Database Administrators
    • Applications / Database Administrators
    • Systems Administrators
  • Oracle Infrastructure
    • Linux support
    • Network / infrastructure support
  • Oracle Edge Applications
    • Functional Solutions Architecture, Design, Training and Support
    • Technical Solutions Architecture, Design, Training and Support
  • Other Oracle Technologies


Our resources and augmentation process cover the full spectrum of Oracle engagements.  Among our areas of proven Oracle resource capabilities are:

Engagement Type

Implementations (Partial / Full)

Process Improvement


Re-Implementations (Partial / Full)

Application Performance



Application Stabilization

Performance / Metrics

Product Integration (OTM, Demantra, etc.)

Application/subsidiary Integrations (Domestic and International)

Post-Production Support

Third Party Integration (3PL, etc.)

Internal Controls

Localizations / Language

Technology Groups


Procure to Pay

Reporting, Intelligence, Information Delivery



Order to Cash

Interfaces, 3rd Party Application connectivity

Application / Systems Administration

Supply Chain Management

Inventory and Cost Management

Conversions and Data Migration

Workflow and Associated Tools


Trade Management and Planning

Extensions and Customization

Operating Systems and Infrastructure

New Product Introductions

Collaborative Planning and Execution

E-Business Edge Applications

Other Oracle Technologies (Inquire for more information)

Services Geography

United States (Pacific Northwest, Mountain, Central, and East Coast)

Europe / European Union


North America (other regions)


Other regions (inquire for more information)


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