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Trevera’s founders have provided quality Solutions services in the Oracle industry since the mid-1990s, creating and evolving methods and approaches, as well as optimizing Oracle resource teams and network growth. Trevera prides itself on long-term, robust Oracle solutions, as yielded by the most efficient engagement structure possible. Trevera’s Solutions engagements offer an efficient and proven strategy to help you achieve your initiatives on time, on budget, while yielding a solution that can continue to add value long after the engagement is over. Trevera’s capabilities are built on decades of proven experience and intellectual capital born from Oracle’s database and applications products. A delivered solution comes from the successful fusion of people, process, and technology. However, few systems integrators take this philosophy far enough. Trevera has elevated its capabilities beyond the basics to create an offering that’s reliable, effective, and adaptable. Trevera goes far beyond other integrators for many reasons, including:


Trevera’s methodology is the product of over 15 years of evolution, improvement, and results based validation. Our methodology enables our engagement structures, consultant teams, management, and customer team members to reach their goals. Trevera’s methodology is customized to address all of the critical components of a project, in a way that is complete and thorough, yet easy to understand. This means that the team will have a reliable path to success, and one that everyone can interpret, track, and ultimately connect with on a conceptual level.

Resource Pegging and Customization

Trevera structures its Solutions engagements for success. Resources are qualified and mapped to very specific roles and scope in the engagement by experts that specialize in structuring teams according to project goals. Trevera’s resource qualification goes beyond mapping at the technology level, focusing on business skills, interpersonal skills, and customer organizational fit. This level of customization supports the fusion of people, technology, and process. When taking Trevera’s long proven expert capabilities in resource qualification, along with the integration of its established Resource Augmentation area of excellence, you get a result that not only fits the engagement, but also the project goal and your organization.

Customer Focus

Trevera puts its customers’ goals and expectations first. In the technology services industry, this may mean risking some of our short term tranquility for your long term success. Would we risk our benefits or upside to advise you on your best interests? You bet – and in a heartbeat. This type of integrity is engineered into our way of doing things far deeper than a customer policy or procedure – it’s in our DNA and our annual operating strategies. Similar to a doctor, Trevera has an obligation to your overall business technology health.

With Trevera you can always rest assured that we will clearly and accurately advise of challenges and risks, as well as recommend how to most effectively navigate through them. Even if it means recommending something that may not always be what our customer wants to hear, or something that can lead to an undesirable situation for Trevera.

Our Solutions services include all labor stratifications within a Solutions engagement, and are focused on Oracle database, E-Business, and related products.


Our Solutions services include all labor stratifications within a Solutions engagement, and are focused on Oracle database, E-Business Suite, and related products. Our Solutions services include the following:

  • Oracle Project Planning, Execution, and Governance
    • Project Planning
    • Project Management
    • Project Governance (PMO, Steering, Quality Assurance)
    • Project Administration
  • Oracle E-Business Suite, including 11, 11i, R12.x
    • Functional Solutions Architecture, Design, Training and Support
    • Technical Solutions Architecture, Design, Training and Support
  • Oracle Databases, including 10g, 11g
    • Database Administrators
    • Applications / Database Administrators
    • Systems Administrators
  • Oracle Infrastructure
    • Linux support
    • Network / infrastructure support
  • Oracle Edge Applications
    • Functional Solutions Architecture, Design, Training and Support
    • Technical Solutions Architecture, Design, Training and Support
  • Other Oracle Technologies



Our Solutions capabilities cover the full spectrum of Oracle engagements.  Among our areas of proven Oracle Solutions capabilities are:

Engagement Type

Implementations (Partial / Full)

Process Improvement


Re-Implementations (Partial / Full)

Application Performance



Application Stabilization

Performance / Metrics

Product Integration (OTM, Demantra, etc.)

Application/subsidiary Integrations (Domestic and International)

Post-Production Support

Localizations / Language

Project Auditing

Other engagement types

Technology Groups


Procure to Pay

Reporting, Intelligence, Information Delivery



Order to Cash

Interfaces, 3rd Party Application connectivity

Application / Systems Administration

Supply Chain Management

Inventory and Cost Management

Conversions and Data Migration

Workflow and Associated Tools


Trade Management and Planning

Extensions and Customization

Operating Systems and Infrastructure

New Product Introductions

Collaborative Planning and Execution

E-Business Edge Applications

Other Oracle Technologies (Inquire for more information)


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